.308 Win Ammo by Tula – 150gr FMJ (20 Rounds)


Weight:1.04 LBS

Caliber: 308 Win

Bullet Weight:148 Gr

Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket

Case Type:Steel


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This is a steel casing, zinc plated FMJ round for the .308 with a 150 grain bullet made by TULAMMO.

An important note: this is not a match quality round. It’s a shooter quality round with a heavy slant towards heavy semi-automatics with fluted chambers, or with moderate (not ultra tight) tolerances. A perfect round for mil-surp like G3’s and L1A1’s and clones, this cartridge really favors an aggressive extraction/ejection cycle, and will perform nonstop if you keep your chamber moderately clean.

It is Berdan primed, so if you have a hard hitting firing pin: all the better. You’re going to get legendary reliability in semi auto, loose tolerance mil-surp rifles with an aggressive action; heavy springs and a hard hitting firing pin. It’s just what this stuff likes to be shot out of. For everything else: the price generally will make up for the slight annoyances of the very occasional round