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New Instructor program and help with ammo for students

New Instructor program and help with ammo for students

We are excited to announce a new Instructor program to help connect the instructors with their students needs in a time and cost-effective solution. Let’s say you are a traveling instructor or a student traveling to a distant class and you are in need of ammunition. What will do is ensure that you can obtain the exact ammunition required for the class with a set time of delivery. Stay tuned as this develops because this will help many instructors teaching in areas where ammunition is hard to come by or travel with. Our shipments are ALWAYS shipped insured.


Shot Show

We attended ShotShow 2022 this year and stay tuned for the new partnerships and business deals made out there. This was huge for us since it was the first show we qualified for. Check out the video that Patrick made summarizing the show. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our eNews for updates and special offerings. Check out the Shop Show video by clicking below.

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