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2-Swords mission is to equip America’s “Warrior Class,” because we realize that our freedoms are not free. Our warriors are always on constant alert, protecting our national interests abroad, our borders, and our local citizens every moment of every day.

To honor them, 2-ST&D wants to make sure all of our brave soldiers, sailors, marines, lawmen, and first-responders have the equipment they need to continue in their calling.

Body Armor Direct is an American owned and operated business that sells bullet resistant products. Our mission is to save lives. Our customers include law enforcement, first responders, private security officers and the general public.

100% of our armor is Made in the USA and our ballistics are Certified by the National Institute of Justice – the research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice.

I have specifically designed The Complete Combatant for our US citizens that carry or want to. I have always seen a need for the varied disciplines of self protection to be combined.

From the first sign of danger, to dealing with the legal system in the aftermath, you need to consider all the different aspects of personal protection. Proper strategy, escalation of force and employment of tools – is one complete subject.